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What do we offer for the production?

We provide comprehensive services to the companies that seek the specialists in the scope of steel structures and elements, providing welding, locksmithing, turning and other associated services, which can help to streamline the production.
Many companies turn to us, when they look for a way to improve their production or to modify their machines due to a change in their profile. We make every effort to offer the optimal solutions. Many of our clients also need modification of the devices, in terms of the safety of people working with the use of them. This is also a part of our offer. We advise, propose specific solutions, subsequently we construct and manufacture them, as well as implement these solutions on site – in short, this is the presentation of our constantly expanded business activity.

Our offer includes the following services:

  • TIG, MAG and gas welding,
  • turning,
  • milling,
  • drilling,
  • flat and mandrel grinding,
  • band cutting

We work with black, stainless and aluminium steel.

We manufacture and provide the following elements to the companies:

  • feeders
  • equipment of machines,
  • stainless steel elements,
  • steel structures (e.g. stairs, various service passages, protective barriers, etc.),
  • pneumatic and hydraulic installations for the manufactured structures for machines and devices,
  • fences,
  • balustrades.

Extensive and constantly developed stock of machine tools as well as many years of experience of our specialists (from constructors, through welders, to pneumatics specialists) ensure reliability, integrity and quality of provided services. We have been helping industrial and production plants to operate more efficiently since 2008.

Comprehensive and solid implementations

We assemble the elements and structures manufactured in our plant on the client’s premises. A large number of wireless power tools allow us to provide services and remove failures directly at your plant. Many companies seek our help in the scope of improvement of the production lines, as well as their reconstruction associated with the change of production profile. Among others, we had such orders as the assembly and commissioning of granulate silos with a height of 17 m. Our company is very flexible and therefore, we undertake a wide variety of orders.

Each order is exceptional for us, therefore we determine everything individually, while of course taking into account the years of cooperation with us and the previous implementations.

Do you need technical consulting or a specific service or product?
We encourage you to contact us – we will determine what and how we can help your company.